Sơ Thần, Là Em Cố Ý Quên AnhIrreplaceable Love (2020)

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44/44 HD

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Trung Quốc,


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44 Tập

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Phim bộ, Tâm Lý,

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Nội dung

After Li Chu Yao loses her younger brother Chu Chen to an accident, Li Luo Shu, the orphan who lives across the street, takes Chu Chen's place in the Li household to appease his mentally unstable mother. Years pass, and Luo Shu develops romantic feelings for his ‘older sister’, though decides to keep them hidden after Chu Yao falls in love with and gets engaged to Han Zi Mo. Unfortunately, Han Zi Mo goes on the run after loan sharks come knocking at his door, and Chu Yao is left with a mountain of debt. Luo Shu is gravely injured while trying to protect her, and Chu Yao eventually realizes who she truly loves. They promise to spend the rest of their lives together, yet are soon forced apart by reality.